Last Week Delight 5/22/2023

For some reason I don’t have a whole lot of delights to share this week, but let’s get to the ones I do have.

  • I had to get some blood drawn last week. My veins are teeny tiny and I’ve had more than one medical professional tell me that they roll. So I am a very hard stick. 90% of the time it takes multiple sticks and often times multiple people to draw my blood often from some very weird places. Even if they only stick a needle in my arm once the remaining 10% of the time, it still usually results in digging around inside my arm with the needle until they finally get in the vein. It’s extremely rare for someone to stick me and get the needle right in a vein on the first go, but the phlebotomist I had this week did it. I congratulated her and told her I was impressed because that never happens.
  • I’m a big old copyright nerd and have been eagerly awaiting the Supreme Court ruling in the Andy Warhol Foundation v. Lynn Goldsmith case, which is the first fair use copyright case involving creative works (and not software) to make it before the Supreme Court in 30 years. I immediately set to reading all 87 pages of the opinion, concurrence, and dissent. I’m not sure that’s it’s going to make things much clearer to students when I start teaching them about fair use and talk to them about this case, but I’m excited to work it into my lessons.
  • It’s honeysuckle season. I’m pretty sure I used that as a delight last year too. It will write about it every year I keep doing this because I love the smell of honeysuckle. I do not care if it’s invasive.
  • Since my list is so short this week I’m pulling off one of the forever items I’ve had saved that I could pull out at any time for weeks such as this where I don’t have much else to talk about. It seems appropriate because I did my full 4 mile walk over the weekend for the first time in 6 months following my old morning route. My foot wasn’t thrilled, but it was slightly better than it used to be, so yay? Anyway, along that route where the sidewalks that are pretty terribly uneven everywhere has a real cliff of a drop between one piece of concrete and another where something has made the sidewalk plate shove upward at one end. Someone has put a little caution sign next to it that has always amused me. I appreciate that whoever did it is trying to warn the public so they don’t injure themselves.
  • And now onto our musical delights. I heard the songs “That Don’t Impress Me Much” by Shania Twain and “Little Lion Man” by Mumford and Sons back to back on the radio the other day and it made me stop and think about how influential and game changing those songs were when they came out. I don’t think anyone thinks about that anymore. Shania Twain really set off a pop female country movement and Mumford and Sons set off the whole popular folk rock movement that dominated the 2010s for a little while. Now those sounds just seem like old hat, but when those songs came out they were really doing something new in their respective genres. It’s hard to remember back to just how exciting that was, but it really was at the time. They both sent popular culture leaping in a whole new direction for awhile. I don’t feel like that happens very often. Usually it’s so gradual you don’t even realize change is happening, but sometimes something comes along that really jump starts something new. I feel like both of those songs did that.

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