New Music Friday: All Over Again by Brandy Clark

Brandy Clark’s self-titled fourth album was released today. It was produced by Brandi Carlile and includes songs featuring Brandi as well as Derek Trucks and Lucius. Brandy Clark is one of those country artists who has lived outside of mainstream country for most of her career. She’s written songs for top country artists like Miranda Lambert, but very quickly decided that she wasn’t interested in doing everything she needed to do to be try and be part of the mainstream country machine. As a gay woman that was always going to be an uphill battle for her. She’s someone whose music I enjoy, but for some reason I just never get super invested in. I’m not sure that this album is going to change that for me, but I do like it. “Dear Insecurity”, which is her song featuring Brandi Carlile is the song that seems to be getting most of the press at the moment. I do like it, but I prefer “All Over Again”, which although it’s not the song they’re listed as featured on I’m pretty sure includes some gorgeous harmonies with Lucius. I’m a sucker for harmonies and no one does that better than Lucius.

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