New Music Friday: STEREO DRIVER by Q

After a few weeks off because of vacation, I’m finally back with some new music for you on this fine Friday. Last week the artist Q released the album Soul,PRESENT. I was unfamiliar with this artist until I heard about him on NPR’s New Music Friday podcast. Their take was that he was born out of time and that if it was 1984 his music would be all over the radio. They’re not wrong about that. He totally leans into the synthy R&B pop music that was huge at that time. I hear Michael Jackson, Prince, and even some Sade in songs on this album. I don’t know much about the artist beyond what little I could find on Wikipedia. Q is his actual given name. His full name is Q Marsden, and it may have been better to use that than to go just by his first name because it’s not great SEO. Trying to search on the letter Q is a nightmare. He’s the son of some Jamaican reggae artist and producer name Steven Marsden, who I have never heard of because my reggae knowledge pretty much stops at Bob Marley. Anyway, I’m very much enjoying the throwback vibes of this song and the whole album.

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