Last Week Delight 4/24/2023

After last week’s past list of delights, this week is much lighter. I was sick last week, which I’m pretty sure is a result of the foot and ankle doctor who spent our entire appointment coughing in my face maskless. I will spare you my rant on how I think it’s insane that doctor’s office and hospitals are dropping mask mandates. So here’s the few things I have for you.

  • To keep my daily Instagram story posts going, I expanded my photos from just the flamingos in my neighborhood to also include these Be Kind signs, which have proliferated in the past year or so. Sometimes the signs have flamingos on them. This week I was pretty sure that I was finally out of both new flamingos and Be Kind signs, but every time I say that more appear. My husband helped by coming home with a Be Kind sign that he bought at the farmer’s market where they were selling them. They also threw in some stickers, so I put those on some light poles in the neighborhood. Then someone added 3 new flamingo Be Kind signs at some of the major border intersections for my neighborhood. So I have a few more. Though I’m going to run out this week while I’m out of town. So there will definitely be at least a temporary end shortly.
  • A Black couple opened an Italian ice/ice cream place in my neighborhood last summer. I wanted some soft serve ice cream on Friday night, so we went to Tia’s and stood in a big, long line that was mostly Black people. The history of my neighborhood is let’s just say not great when it comes to Black people, so it’s nice to see them having a thriving business that is attracting new people to the neighborhood. When we first moved into my neighborhood I rarely saw Black people there, but now I see quite a few out enjoying various businesses and walking down our main street.
  • Saturday was Record Store Day. Sound Garden, which is my go-to record store in Baltimore, was a large part of starting Record Store Day. However, their process is too much for me. You have to go there the day before to get a numbered token that indicates your place in line on the actual day of. They have the largest selection and the largest quantity of those items, but with the larger crowds I’m not sure it’s better. So instead I went to Celebrated Summer Records, which is a couple blocks from my house. They are much smaller and are not my go to record store because they focus on stuff like punk, metal, and jazz that are not my genres. But they get a variety of stuff in for Record Store Day, so I figured I would try my luck there and if I failed I could go down to Sound Garden in the afternoon to see if there was anything left once all the betokened people finished shopping. Happily I got 3 of the 4 things that were on my list. I got the last (or maybe only) copy they had of the Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires EP and the picture disc re-pressings of The Violent Femmes and The Cure’s live album, Show. I had also been on the look out for Amanda Shires’s solo EP, but they didn’t have that. I’m guessing they never had a copy. The hot item, which I didn’t care about was the Taylor Swift album. I got in line around 8:30 and the store opened at 9. I suspect the Taylor Swift fans were the ones who had been sitting outside for hours because right before the store opened, the owner came out and said that he had 33 copies of the Taylor Swift album, and suggested that my end of the line was probably out of luck. My end of the line clearly did not care. There were two friends a few people in front of me that very much did care though. The woman kept checking in to find out how many copies were left. They got so lucky and they got the last two. I was very happy for them. The owner kept giving updates when they sold out of something. At one point he shouted out, we’re down to the last 11 copies of Husker Du! We started with 12! That cracked me up.
  • And now for your musical delight of the week. Brandon Flowers from The Killers joined Dawes for a couple of songs at their show in Salt Lake City last week. I always get so excited for people who were in the room when some crazy unexpected guest shows up at a concert because I know how awesome it is when I’ve experienced it. Despite my love/hate relationship with people recording videos at concerts, I’m happy I get to experience some of these things vicariously.

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