New Music Friday: Till the Flame Turns Blue by The Paper Kites

I don’t even remember where I came across the song “Till the Flame Turns Blue” by The Paper Kites in the last few weeks, but I immediately added it to my 2023 Spotify playlist after hearing it. I had never heard of The Paper Kites before, and I have yet to dig any farther into their music. There’s a lot more to explore if I ever want to though. This song is off what people are presuming will be their yet to be announced sixth studio album. The band from Melbourne, Australia has been together since 2009 and already has five albums out. So if this song is not an anomaly in their musical catalog, I have a lot of new to me music to enjoy. This song 100% reminds me of the song “Into the Mystic” by Van Morrison both in it’s lyrical themes and music. “Into the Mystic” is one of my all time favorite songs, so of course I was immediately all in on a song that feels like its spiritual kin to me. Go take a listen and let me know if you hear the same connection.

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