New Music Friday: Psychos by Jenny Lewis

It’s another banner week for new music. The biggest music news of the day being the drop of the first full length boygenius album. My husband said to me this morning oh there’s an article about boygenius in the New York Times. I was like yes, there and in literally every other major news publication that I follow. I pre-ordered that album on vinyl, and it showed up my house a day early. Though because I was at work late yesterday for our 50th anniversary celebration I didn’t even get to listen to the whole thing last night. Anyway, that’s not the reason I’m not writing about that album today. I don’t tend to like to write about more than one song off of an album, and I already wrote about “Emily I’m Sorry” when they put out the first few songs from it months ago. Also, as I said you can go pick up pretty much any news publication, scroll past the news about Donald Trump’s indictment and you’ll find someone writing much better about boygenius than I would.

There’s also another single off of Jason Isbell’s forthcoming album that came out earlier this week. I’m also not writing about that because I just wrote about the first single not that long ago, and see what I just said about trying to diversify what I’m writing about. So what I am writing about is the new song “Psychos” by Jenny Lewis that is off her new album releasing on June 9 the same day as Jason Isbell’s album. That’s going to be a great day for new music.

I don’t often hear a song and then just start listening to it on repeat, but I totally did with this one. It’s still not my favorite Jenny Lewis song (That’s “She’s Not Me”), but it did just jump pretty far up on the list. It’s just very groovy and has the appropriate video stylings to go along with it. I also like that there are few little surprises built in that give you that little jolt when you realize that something happened you weren’t expecting like when the lyrics change mid-sentence around the 2:25 mark. Also there’s a little bouncing star in the video guiding you along the lyrics and at one point in the chorus it does something different than it had been doing up to that point and it gave me a little smile the first time it happened. Take a listen and enoy!

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