Last Week Delight 3/28/2023

Another week. More delights.

  • My friends had their annual St. Patrick’s Day party on Saturday. Yes, I know it was a week late, but it’s really more like the party that they hold annually at some point in March as schedules allow that features Irish food and drink. It’s always funny to think back on when we used to have those parties at night and kick a keg. We haven’t gotten a keg in years because it would barely get drunk. Now the party is in the afternoon, there’s a dozen kids running around, and the party is over about the time we used to the start the parties back when we were young.
  • A couple at my church got married on Saturday. I don’t know them that well, so I wasn’t invited to the wedding but I saw lots of photos of it from other people’s social media. Anyway, they were actually at church on Sunday morning with a lot of family who were in town from Nigeria for the wedding. There was a couple minutes at the beginning of the service where we celebrated them, and it was just a very joyous moment that I’m glad I got to be a part of.
  • The Peabody Heights Brewery hosts the Baltimore Record Bazaar twice a month on a Sunday. One of my friends suggested we go check it out. I snagged a couple of records. I was also pleased at the number of people wearing masks. It was of course a tiny minority, but I figured walking into a brewery that I would be the only “weirdo” in there masked up. I’ve been in the stark minority for a long time, but in the last few months I am often only the only one or only one of a couple people even in very crowded indoor spaces. Even when there were like only 10% of people masking I didn’t feel as weird, but now I often feel self-conscious about it even if that’s not going to make me take my mask off. It was nice to not feel like I stand out so much, especially in a setting where I very much expected that I would be the only one in a mask.
  • I’m so happy Ted Lasso is back. I’m going to be very sad if this is the last season as it is expected to be. I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews of this season (or at least headlines, as I refused to read any of those reviews), but I still very much love the show. It’s rare that I literally laugh out loud at tv shows, and that I was cracking up during the second episode. Which leads me into this week’s musical delights.
  • There was a reference to Ted’s break up CD during that episode, and they actually created it and put it up on Spotify. I’m not sure I buy that all these songs would be on a playlist that Ted created, but I appreciate the effort nonetheless.
  • HBO announced that the documentary about Jason Isbell will be released on April 7. As you probably know I love Jason Isbell so much and am super excited about this film.
  • Speaking of Jason Isbell, he played a cover of Wet Willie’s “Keep on Smilin'” with Allison Russell at the Love Rising concert that she put together in Nashville to support LGBTQ+ rights in light of all the legislation being passed there. I first become familiar with this song during the early days of COVID when Jason’s wife Amanda Shires was doing daily YouTube concerts that he would sometimes join in on. They sang this song on one of the episodes, and it was a real highlight of the whole series for me. It was nice to hear him play it again. It’s still a great song to lift your spirits. If that call and response refrain around the 4:10 mark doesn’t put a smile on your face, I can’t help you.
  • It’s not that rare for me to hear the song “Electric Feel” by MGMT, but I heard it again this week and just thought about how much I love that song. I’m always happy to hear it. That is all.
  • Someone I follow on Instagram posted this TikTok video to their stories. The hilarious part about it is that my husband proved it exactly right because he could hear the sound, but had no idea what I was watching and as soon as the sound came on he perked right up and said hey I know that song. In all fairness he thought I was playing Heardle and that was the song of the day, but it still cracked me up because it was so spot on playing out what the people in the video were playacting.

#duet with @mrprofessor318 #Duet Happy Monday people!! I have been tagged in this so many times I couldnt pass it up! Enjoy and remember to dance like nobody’s watching! Laugh like you mean it and let the fingers fly at anything that disturbs your peace today! 😎🤘❤️ #fyp #genx #millennial #xennial #sledgehammer #80smusic #dance #mondaymotivation

♬ sonido original – Claudio Puppo I❤️80

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