New Music Friday: Look at Us Now (Honeycomb) by “Daisy Jones & the Six”

There are an insane number of new albums being released today. Am I going to talk about any of them? No I am not. Most of the ones I would have been likely to talk about I have already shared songs from anyway. Instead I’m sticking with my plan to write about a fake band. I will have a review of the actual tv show Daisy Jones & the Six in my next TV Diary post. For today I’m just sharing one of the songs that the band in the show sings. It’s one of the few songs written for the show that I actually think is any good. Most of the songs don’t actually sound like I imagined the band would sound when I read the book. They’re too subtle and ballady. The song “Look at Us Now (Honeycomb)”, which in the book and the show is supposed to be their breakout hit, is far and away the best song on the show. I actually just enjoy it as a song fake band or not. I’m not 100% sure anyone needs to watch the tv show, but I do at least think you should listen to this song.

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