Last Week Delight 3/20/2023

Happy first day of spring y’all. Now if someone would tell the weather that, I would appreciate it.

  • I shared last week that we used the at home pet euthanasia service, Peaceful Passage to put our cat down. At least that is who I thought we used until I received a sympathy card in the mail from Home with Dignity. When my husband called Peaceful Passage they did tell him that their vet was out the day we were looking for, but they would see what they could do and call us back. He got a call back and with a time for the next day, and we never thought twice about it. I guess Peaceful Passage must have contacted Home with Dignity on our behalf and we never realized it. Both were recommended to us by our normal vet, so we probably would have called them next ourselves anyway had Peaceful Passage just told us they were unable to come on Thursday, but it was really nice that they work together and just made it happen for us during a very difficult time and didn’t make us have to call multiple places on our own.
  • I very much enjoyed watching Robert Smith of The Cure fighting against Ticketmaster this past week even if I don’t get to bear any of the fruits of his labor since I sadly will be out of town when they play the Baltimore area. They really wanted the tour to be as affordable as possible for fans. They set ticket prices low with the lowest ones only being $20 without the fees, which is unheard of for a band of their stature these days. They refused to play any of Ticketmaster’s games refusing special Platinum pre-sale pricing and demand driven pricing. They also made it so the tickets can’t be transferred to anyone else, but can be resold for face-value only. That has been something I have been complaining about for years now that all these ticket companies have everything locked up in their mobile apps I’m like why can’t they do this. Turns out they can, they just don’t because they can make more money from taking a cut of the higher priced resale tickets too. Anyway, then when fans who got verified presale codes couldn’t get into to buy tickets Robert Smith made them release more tickets instead of hold them back for the general on sale. And finally when people started complaining that with the low base prices that the Ticketmaster fees were literally more than the face value of the ticket, he got them to refund people some of the fees and lower them for the few remaining tickets available for the general on sale. Amazing! I do realize that Ticketmaster’s willingness to acquiesce on some of these things comes as a result of their fiascos with the Taylor Swift and Beyonce concerts and being called to account in front of Congress, but I do appreciate Robert Smith trying to stand up for his fans and get them into The Cure shows at a reasonable price. I go to a lot of concerts, and they really have gotten hellishly expensive. It’s rare that once all the fees are added onto the already steep face value prices that I can get to a show for much less than $100 at any major venue, and I’m here to tell you that I’ve paid so much for some recently that I sort of felt sick and had a moment of instant regret after buying them even though I can afford it.
  • Actor Lance Reddick died this past week. It is not a delight that he’s dead, but it has been a real delight seeing the outpouring of love for him as an actor and apparently just a generally good guy all around. As a Baltimore native who is probably best known for his role as Cedric Daniels on The Wire, I knew he would get some love from people around here. He’s not an actor that you hear people talk about very much though, so I was surprised how much his death seemed to hit people on a much larger scale. So that was very lovely to see.
  • We went to see To Kill a Mockingbird as one of our season ticket shows at the Hippodrome on Friday night. The seats there are super small with almost no leg room, and thus pretty uncomfortable. There were a couple of really big broad, tall guys sitting in the back row of the section in front of us. At one point one of them even tried to move out and sit on the stairs because he was so uncomfortable, but the usher immediately came and told him that was a no go. The front row of the section we are in has lots of leg room because it sits in front of the aisleway separating the two sections. At intermission the people sitting in front of us in that front row offered their seats to those guys so they could be more comfortable, which I thought was really awesome. At least for about 30 seconds until those guys were actually in the seats and it was clear that at least the one in front of me had gone out and smoked weed during intermission which I could tell both based on the smell and the fact that he was super giggly at things that were not funny, repeating the lines of the play back, and talking to the character. Though I did actually laugh out loud when the character who was on trial was recounting how he as a Black man was going to go inside this young white girl’s house because she asked for some help and he was like don’t do it as if it was a horror movie and someone was about to do something really stupid. Luckily he did calm down after about 10 minutes or I would have been more annoyed. Add to that the woman who started shouting repeatedly, “this play sucks” shortly before intermission and the fact that people got confused about when the end of the play was and a bunch of people left at the end of a scene 10 minutes before the play was actually over and it was a very interesting night at the theatre.
  • My friend came over and hung out with me for a few hours on Saturday, and we put together a puzzle. A nice chill, relaxing afternoon.
  • Yesterday I got to go for a hike with my friend and her new puppy. She’s very cute and sweet. I was hoping that my foot was going to be okay because it has been bothering me less lately, but turns out not so much. I do in fact still need that appointment with the foot and ankle doctor that got pushed back from this past week until April. I’m still happy I got out and got some hiking in even if I’m paying for it now.

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