New Music Friday: Bang, Bang by Momma (Plus Some Bonus Thoughts)

I had the song “Bang, Bang” by Momma on my docket for this morning, but then there were some other things that came around that made me think I should maybe set it aside for something else. Ultimately I’m going to stick with that song as my feature, but first a round up of thoughts about some other new songs. I’ll probably regret writing about all of them quickly right now when next week I inevitably am struggling to find something to write about.

  • It’s not really technically a new song, but Taylor Swift dropped the latest Taylor’s versions of a few songs last night ahead of kicking off her new tour. We’ve already established that I am not a huge Taylor fan, so I don’t actually care about this. What has been pointed out is that one of the songs she re-recorded is a song from one of the Hunger Games movies that featured The Civil Wars. That band had their own civil war and spectacularly split. It seems that Taylor Swift at least sort of got Joy Williams and John Paul White back together to re-record that song. Though technically I suppose they could have done all their recording separately and never seen each other. But it’s nice to think that band existed again for a moment. Whenever there’s some sort of social media thing going around asking about bands you wish were still together they are always at the top of my list along with The Sundays.
  • Hozier has a new EP out this morning called Eat Your Young. It’s only three songs so a quick listen at just over 11 minutes long. It’s a very enjoyable 11 mintues though if you’re a Hozier fan. It’s very much what you have probably come to expect from Hozier at this point. So I don’t have much to say about it other than I’m always happy for some new Hozier music.
  • One of my friends shared a new song by the band Extreme called “Rise” on Facebook this morning. The only other song I know by that band is their 1990 hit “More than Words”, which is a drastically different song. I have not been keeping up with what that band has been doing over the past 33 years, so I have no idea if they’ve been together all this time putting out music or if they’ve only recently reunited. I’m sure the internet could tell me, but I’m not even bothering to look it up because I don’t care that much. I don’t particularly care for the new song. It’s not my preferred musical style. I’m not particularly surprised by the sound though since I did see that they are part of the M3 Rock Festival and think to myself at the time, huh I didn’t know Extreme was still a band. But the new song fits with the type of music that happens at that festival. It was mostly just a little bit of huh in my morning that I thought I would share.
  • And now we will finally get to the song “Bang, Bang” by Momma. I wrote about the band last year when they put out an album. Right now “Bang, Bang” is just a single. I presume that they’ll be putting out a new album with this song on it at some point. I actually don’t have much to say about it I’m realizing, but I heard it this week and enjoyed it. It’s a fun pop punk song.

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