Goodbye to My Sweet Scout

This morning we said goodbye to our sweet Scout. She had been sick for a long time, but she was a super champ and lived well beyond what was expected. Even though I hate that she’s gone, I feel like I got a bonus year with her. She had lots of health problems toward the end. She had hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure, kidney issues, IBD, and finally sarcoma. She got really sick last April, and I thought she was near the end at that point. But we got her on a million meds (I used to joke that she was more medicine than cat), and she really rallied. Up until about 2 weeks ago you would barely know anything was wrong with her. But she slowly started eating less and less even after we got her some appetite stimulants, and it just became very clear by yesterday morning that it was time to let her go.

She was part of our lives for a very long time, and I don’t know how I’m going to live without her. We got her in June of 2005, so we had her almost 18 years. We don’t know her exact birthday, but based on how old she was when we got her she would have been born right about this time of year, so she may have died on her 18th birthday for all we know.

She came to us as Rachel, clearly named after the character in Friends because the name of the other kitten in her cage that had already been adopted out was named Joey. So I always assumed she came from a litter of six, and they were named after Friends characters. We chose to name her Scout after the character in To Kill a Mockingbird instead. She had many nicknames. I know there are ones I’ve used and totally forgotten about, but she rarely just got called by her actual name. There were lots of variations of Scout including Scouties, Scouters, and Scoutling. Mostly there were lots of completely random names including my bud, princessy baby, sweeter boo, noodles, noodly, sweeter noo, and fuzzer head. My husband called her monster and cat a lot.

She was definitely not a monster though. She was the sweetest girl there ever was. She was the softest, cuddliest, most lovey cat I have ever had. She loved being around people. She was not a cat who ever hid away. She always wanted to be wherever the people were. Everybody loved her and said she was the best cat, even people with cats of their own. I was always a little curious about her background and wondered if one her parents was a long haired cat because she wasn’t a long haired cat, but she had the thickest, shiniest fur I’ve ever seen on a short haired cat. Everyone commented on it all the way until literally the vet putting her to sleep. A lot of cats’ fur gets kind of greasy and gross when they get old, but not hers. She had beautiful, luxurious fur until the end.

We adopted her with another cat from a different litter because there weren’t any kittens from the same litter when we got them. They became fast friends though. Charlotte sadly died much too young when she was only 9 years old, so Scout lived half of her life as a solo cat. I think to some degree she preferred that. She definitely mourned like crazy when Charlotte died, but I also didn’t feel like she would adapt well to us bringing another cat into the house after that. I think the thing she missed the most was getting to get all of Charlotte’s food. Scout was a real chunker, but she really always was. Even when she was a tiny kitten she would sit down and her round little belly made her look like she had swallowed a baseball.

She did have her moments of driving us crazy and getting into trouble. She had a short history of chewing on computer cables, which she cured herself of by chomping into my laptop cord and creating enough of an electrical surge that it fried my hard drive. Luckily she was fine, but it obviously gave her enough of a shock that she never chewed on a cable again. It is the reason that I have very few pictures of the first few years of her life. I was not good about backing up my digital photos back then and I lost a bunch when she killed that computer. The only kitten photos I have are ones my husband hunted down for me in his photos after Charlotte died, and I wanted them for her tribute post. She also had a longer history of peeing outside of her litter box on fabric things. For a long time she kept peeing on our bathmat. She peed on rugs. I could not use a Christmas tree skirt because she would pee on it every year. I stupidly kept trying, but finally gave up after about 4 years.

Mostly though she was just the absolute best cat you could ever ask for as you can see from all the photos below. I’m going to miss her so much. She was the best cat all the way until the very end. She had a spot we trained her sleep at the foot of our bed where we put a little blanket for her. But most mornings about a half hour before my alarm would go off she would come snuggle up on top of me. She never woke us up begging for food. She just wanted to cuddle. Food demands only started once she knew we were clearly awake. Anyway, the last few days when she was clearly uncomfortable she stopped coming to cuddle with me. Before bed last night I told her I needed her to cuddle with me one last time. I had to pull her up on me instead of her coming to me, but she did stay on top of me and cuddle for a half hour because she knew I needed it. My life is going to be so much sadder without her. I love you and miss you forever my sweet Scout.

2 kittens sleeping on a couch, one tuxedo the other tan
Baby Scout and Charlotte
Tuxedo kitten pouncing on toy mouse
These little mice were her favorite toy. She also loved those big elastic hair bands that went around your whole head to hold your hair out of your face (not the pony tail holders). She would trot around with those in her mouth and make the most horrendous sounding noise that I’m guessing was meant to inform the hair band that she was its boss. She would take them down to the basement and then come trotting upstairs with them making this adorable triumphant sound like look what I vanquished for you! I couldn’t find photos of that though. She was also good at catching real mice in her younger years. She still really wanted to as she got older, but just wasn’t good at it. I know her hearing never went though because she was still stalking my forever mouse plagued house right until the last week of her life.
Tuxedo bag rolling around on the floor with a conference tote bag
She adored tote bags like this and would lick on them and roll around the floor with them. I would try and bring her back tote bag treats every time I went to a conference.
Cat rolling around on top of a pile of conference tote bags.
Motherlode of conference tote bags
Cat toe beans. 2 colored black and two colored pink.
I loved her pretty little multi-colored toe beans
Tuxedo cat with its tongue sticking out
Sometimes she forgot to pull her little tongue back in
Tuxedo cat with an Orioles floppy hat over its head
She hated the Orioles
Cat with a tiny Orioles baseball cap on its head
Or perhaps she really just hated her owners putting all the crap they brought home from Orioles games on her. She equally loathed the Halloween and Christmas costumes my husband bought to put on her head. She immediately pulled them right off.
Cat sleeping on her back
She had a lot of very adorable poses. For a long time she would lie on her back like this all the time and you could give her lots of good belly rubs. In the last few years I think her arthritis made that too uncomfortable so she stopped doing it.
Cat sleeping with her paws over her eyes
She often slept with her paws crossed over her eyes like this and I thought it was the cutest thing ever. I have so many photos of her like this.
Cat sitting with her paws crossed over each other
She always for her whole life sat with her little paws crossed like this. I always told her see was so proper and such a little lady. She even passed away with her little paws crossed.
Tuxedo cat shoved under a bookcase to get to a heat vent under it
She had many places that she liked to sleep. In the winter she loved shoving herself up under this book case so she could lie on top of the heat vent and steal all the heat for herself.
Cat sleeping on top of the back of a couch
In her younger years she liked to sleep on the back of the couch cushions. This couch wasn’t as good for that as the old one was though and she stopped doing that a long time ago.
Cat sleeping on a lap in front of a laptop
She was very much a lap cat, and liked to snuggle with you even it disturbed what you were trying to do. Of course she always got her way.
Cat on top of a cat tree
Her cat tree was another favorite perch until about the last 6 months of her life when it got too hard for her to get in and out of it.
Tuxedo cat sitting in a window
She loved spending every morning in the window basking in the sunlight. She also stopped doing that for the last several months of her life as it got too hard to jump in and out of it.
Cat sleeping in a cardboard box
She absolutely adored this cardboard box, which is how it came to live on my living room floor for 5 and a half years. My husband’s 2017 anniversary present came in it and she adopted it as her bed right away and slept in it every day until the next to last day of her life.
Cat sitting on top of a pillow on someone's lap
She loved sitting on what I called pillow lap. I sat cross legged on the sofa and put a pillow in my lap and then she would sit on top of it.
Tuxedo cat lying at the bottom of basement steps
For the last year or so of her life after she got diagnosed with cancer, she really liked sleeping at the bottom of our basement steps for some reason. It’s not like she was hiding because she was right at the bottom of the steps and my husband spends like 12 hours a day down there. But it became one of her new favorite spots so we made it more comfy with some cushioning and a blanket.
Cat sleeping on a sofa
She liked to rotate spots on the couch, but she would claim a new spot and that would be her spot for months at a time until she would choose a new one. This sometimes meant that I had to give up my spot on the couch to her. Mostly though this spot on the end was her most frequent choice and it’s where we let her go.
Cat sitting on a black blanket on a sofa
Last photo of my sweet baby before we said goodbye

One thought on “Goodbye to My Sweet Scout

  1. Danielle, I can honestly say that my favorite cat outside of my own was Scout. She had many of the traits that draw me to kitties – the super soft fur, very gentle, and very sweet personality. She always allowed me to pet her even though she didn’t know me. When I visited, I would often pet her for a long time and I really liked her. She also had cute coloration and markings. I hope that your sorrow improves with the passing of the days. I know it is really hard to lose a family member, especially one as special as Scout. So sorry for you and Paul’s loss.

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