New Music Friday: Tears Run Dry by Abraham Alexander

I had never heard of Abraham Alexander until earlier this week when I got the email telling me what the April record for the Magnolia Record Club was going to be, and it was Abraham Alexander’s forthcoming album SEA/SONS due out on April 14. I decided I better go check out some of his music to find out if I wanted to get the record or skip this month. Their description mentioned several artists I love including Gary Clark, Jr., Devon Gilfillian, and Leon Bridges, so I figured he might be an artist I like I as well. From what I’ve heard so far that is 100% true. I was trying to look up more information about him. There’s not a ton about him out there, but I found a few venue and newspaper articles promoting previous shows that gave me a little more information about him.

He’s was apparently born to Nigerian parents in Greece. They moved to Texas when he was 11 years old. So he has an interesting background. He apparently started playing guitar after sustaining a soccer injury and having to quit the game. Now he’s turned it into a career. If you’re familiar with any of the artists I previously mentioned they are a good comparison for his musical style, which is sort of that indie folk R&B sound that one of the articles I read referred to as Black contemporary folk. Seems like a good description to me. I’ll be excited to hear the whole album, and I expect to see him at Newport some year.

Here’s “Tears Run Dry” the first single off the forthcoming album.

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