New Music Friday: Damn the Word by The Hackles

This was another great week for new music. Both Joseph and Nickel Creek dropped new singles in conjunction with announcements of forthcoming albums. Instead of writing about one of those songs by bands that I have written about before, I decided to go with a song and band that are new to me, although the band itself is not new. I had never heard of The Hackles until this week. It’s actually surprisingly hard to find out much about them at least in the 10 minutes I spent looking. Their website doesn’t offer up much information and they don’t appear to have a Wikipedia page. NPR tells me that the band is composed of Kati Claborn and Luke Ydstie from Blind Pilot and Halli Anderson from River Whyless and Horse Feathers. It’s unclear to me if this band is something they do on the side or if they’re all just doing this now. Either way they have several albums under their belt that escaped my notice. I will have to go back and listen to them because their new song “Damn the Word” is right up my alley with its folky goodness. So if you’re like me and this band has passed you by until now, take a listen.

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