New Music Friday: Radio by Margo Price feat. Sharon Van Etten

Today is the first big release date of 2023 and Margo Price is back with her highly anticipated album Strays. The whole album is great. It was apparently written over the course of six days while on a magic mushroom trip with her husband and musical collaborator Jeremy Ivey. I’ve heard it referred to even by her if I recall correctly as psychedelic country. Basically Margo Price just continues to write her own musical story and make what she wants with no desire or expectation to be part of the mainstream country music world. I had a hard time choosing which song off the album I wanted to share, but I eventually went with “Radio”, which features Sharon Van Etten. It definitely has a Sharon Van Etten flare to it, but I also feel like it somewhat pulls all the musical threads of the whole album together in one song. Have a listen.

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