Last Week Delight 11/29/2022

  • There is a local meteorologist who loves snow and refers to any potential chance of snow long range or short range as the snow train. Basically as soon as it gets cold he starts talking and tweeting about the snow train coming. His snow train references are now out in full force. I love his obsession with the snow train and doubly love my husband’s obsession with his obsession with the snow train.
  • I had two moments baking over the Thanksgiving holiday where my measurements were perfect. When I was putting together my pie dough I was weighing out the amount of flour the recipe called for and managed to scoop out the exact number of grams that I needed in one go. Then I was making rolls and had to split the dough in two and I managed to split it into two exact even halves. I love when stuff like that happens.
  • Speaking of Thanksgiving, it’s my favorite holiday. I love the food, and it feels special because we only eat it once a year. It feels like there is less pressure than Christmas. It’s just a nice chill holiday with time off work, delicious food, and family time.
  • I got my Christmas decorations up over the weekend, so now my house looks lovely. I always like how pretty everything looks bathed in the soft glow of Christmas lights.
  • I’m not really generally a Black Friday shopper. I have occasionally gone shopping with family on Black Friday, but not for many, many years. In fact, maybe not since high school. I definitely have never gone to any door buster sales where I had to be waiting in line the wee hours of the morning. I did however go stand in a short line on this Black Friday at my neighborhood record store for the Black Friday version of Record Store Day. The Cure released a 30th anniversary vinyl version picture album of Wish. The vinyl itself looks like the cover the album. In fact the gatefold literally has holes cut out of the front and back and vinyl inside serves as part of the images on the album. It’s very cool, and I wanted one. So I got that and a couple of used records as well.
  • We watched the movie Spirited starring Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds on AppleTV+ over the weekend. It was super delightful. I loved it and will definitely watch it at future Christmases. The music for the film was written by some people who have written for Broadway and it very much felt like a Broadway show. It had lots of great production numbers. The songs were very catchy. If you want a little joy bomb of singing and dancing Christmas fun I highly recommend it.
  • And for your musical delight we have the song Amadeus, which I loved as a kid and heard somewhere this week. I remember the first time I heard the song I was with my neighbor who was a couple years old than me. I was probably 7 and of course had no idea who Amadeus was, so when she was telling me that the song was called “Amadeus” I kept thinking she was saying the song was called “On My Desk”. It was in fact my introduction to the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. So thanks for the history lesson Falco.

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