New Music Friday: Let Me Back In by ZG Smith

I was actually wondering what I was going to write about today. I didn’t have anything waiting in my docket and none of the new albums out today were inspiring me. Then I saw the artist Kyshona, who I follow in Instagram share her excitement over a release by someone named ZG Smith. I decided to check out the 2 song EP that he released today and like it. So now I have a song from it for you today. Apparently ZG Smith was the long time front man of some Americana duo called Smooth Hound Smith that I had never heard of somehow since it seems like they had a fairly decent career.

Anyway, I’m sharing the song “Let Me Back In”. Even though the song sounds like a love song and that’s how most people will probably interpret it, apparently it’s actually about his ex-roommate’s dog. The roommate would leave for work and then the dog would come beg to be let into bed with ZG Smith. So that’s a fun little twist.

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