New Music Friday: Palomino by First Aid Kit

I’m very delayed with my New Music Friday post today because I had jury duty. I had to be at the courthouse early, so I didn’t have time to write the post beforehand. I happily for the first time ever got to go to jury duty without being called into a court room, and we got sent home early. Thus, I could have written the post while I was just sitting there, but I didn’t take my computer and didn’t want to write a post on my phone. So here we are.

Today is a pretty good day for new music. There’s new albums out by Phoenix and The Lone Bellow. I think Love Songs for Losers is one of The Lone Bellow’s best albums, but I recently wrote about a song off it, so I’m going with something different today. First Aid Kit also has a new album out today. Palomino is the fifth album by the Swedish band the features brilliant harmonies between sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg. I’m sharing the title track which closes out the album. Go take a listen to it and the whole album.

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