Last Week Delight 11/1/2022

I’m very delayed with my delights post this week. Afternoons and evenings too full of Halloween stuff Sunday and Monday and work days too busy to write anything. But I’m finally sneaking in some time to write a post before I start work for the day.

  • I managed to snag myself a ticket to see Maggie Rogers in concert in February. My husband is probably even more delighted by this because he doesn’t have to go with me. The Anthem is a 6,000 person venue that is mostly standing room only save for a couple of rows of seats that line the front of the balconies on the second and third floors. I’m old and short so I prefer to have a seat in venues if possible, and I can afford to pay the extra money for one so I do. By the time it was my turn to buy a ticket I had the choice of buying two seats in the worst row on the third level or a single seat in the front of the second level, so I bought the single seat and will be going alone. I saw her there alone the last time, so no big deal.
  • My neighbors who were dressing up skeletons in various costumes throughout the month of October had one tableau in which the skeletons were dressed as sharks including the little skeleton dog they bought for their Scooby Doo scene dressed up in a shark costume made for an actual dog. They also had a skeleton dressed as Batman on top of their porch roof at that point, so I decided that one of the sharks must be King Shark and the rest of the sharks were his family.
  • Although I will miss all the leaves on the trees over the next several months at the moment I am enjoying tromping through all the crunchy leaves that are covering the sidewalks right now.
  • Speaking of leaves, I have very much been appreciating how this house across the street from me and the tree out in front of it are currently color coordinated.
Tree with maroon colored leaves in front of house with maroon painted trim at the top
  • On Sunday I participated in my church’s trunk or treat event. My car was an artic theme with a backdrop that looked like an ice berg in the ocean. I added a bunch of artic animals to it and then dressed as a polar bear. I always enjoy seeing little kids dressed up in costumes, so it was fun. Mirabel from Encanto was by far the most popular costume, so I was a little surprised that I didn’t see that many of those on actual Halloween.
  • My neighborhood gets tons of trick-or-treaters. Luckily we didn’t wind up buying as much candy as usual because it was rainy and thus not as busy as normal. Still busy, but last year I gave out candy to 350 kids and ran out by 645. This year I had candy for only about half as many kids and still had a tiny bit left when I called it a night at 7:45 because I wanted to eat dinner and it started raining again. My favorite parts of the night were when a kid about three years old told me to be safe, and when some other small child told me they liked my costume. I was wearing a rain coat and rain boots since I kept having to step outside in the rain to hand out candy. Not sure who she thought I was. My favorite costumes were sisters who were either twins or very close in age dressed as Salt and Pepa and a kid in the best home made costume that was dressed as a Christmas snow globe. It was the perfect costume for the rain since the top of the globe was a clear umbrella. It even had lights in it. Very clever. My absolute favorite just because of the great mashup of a kid who obviously can’t choose between costumes and because how very excited she was tell me that she was Spidergirl with wings. She was a Spiderman costume and then had those silky fabric butterfly wings that attach to your hands so that when you hold your arms out the wings open up and you can flap them. It was very adorable.

And now for some musical delights

  • As I mentioned in my most recent New Music Friday post, I am not a huge Taylor Swift fan, but it does delight me that she currently has all 10 of the top 10 songs on the Billboard Hot 100, which sets a record.
  • I adore the song “Home (Leave the Lights On)” by the band Field Report. I heard it this week and thought what a perfect fall song. Also, is it just me or do parts of that song remind you of the Reading Rainbow theme?
  • Every year for Halloween the band Lake Street Dive creates a video for a cover song in which they dress up as the original band. This year they dressed up as the Traveling Wilburys and sang the song “Handle with Care”

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