Last Week Delight 9/12/2022

I feel like I have fewer delights than normal this week. Let’s see what we do have though.

  • I saw something the other day online to the effect of cats’ purring being a singular expression of love. I don’t think that was the exact quote, but it was essentially the idea that there is nothing else that duplicates purring, which is really true. Scientists still don’t really know why cats purr, but it’s something special they do that let’s you know they’re happy and that endears you to them. Do you ever not feel great when you do something that makes a cat purr?
  • I have been doing 2 jobs since December 2020. In March 2022, in addition the extra job I was already doing I got handed two other jobs. I’m slowly, slowly divesting myself of them. We finally hired someone to do the job I had been doing for a year and half back in June. This week we hired someone to do one of the other jobs I’ve been doing since March. So now I’m back down to only two jobs again. It’s an improvement even though the one I’m left with is my least favorite of all of them. We haven’t had luck filling it so far, but we just re-posted it, so fingers crossed. I’m not sure I’ll even know what my actual job is anymore when this is all over.
  • We met friends for dinner at Cypriana on Friday night. It was a beautiful late summer evening, and they have a really nice patio plus delicious food. It’s been a really long time since I’ve actually gone out to dinner with friends. My husband and I have occasionally eaten outside at restaurants, but mostly we do takeout. It might be almost a year since since I actually ate at an actual restaurant with anyone but him though.
  • Speaking of the delicious food at Cypriana, I feel like I’ve mentioned this here before, but they have the best salmon. It’s literally the only entree I’ve ever eaten there and it may be the only one I ever eat because it’s so good I never want to try anything else.
  • Yesterday was our annual neighborhood festival, which has been canceled the last several years. It was nice to have it back even if it was not quite back to the same scale that it was before the pandemic. It was actually more like it was when I first started going. Then someone came up with the idea for the toilet bowl race, which was essentially a box car race except that your car had to include a toilet. That made the festival much more popular and drew a lot more people from outside the neighborhood. They didn’t have that this year. I’m not sure why, but I hope the race will be back someday at a future festival. I went up and wandered around for a little while and got some food, but I also just opened more door and listened to the music from the stage set up at the end of my block for awhile throughout the day.
  • Rainy Sundays. Sometimes it’s nice to have a rainy Sunday to give you the excuse to not do anything. It’s not like I had anything big planned anyway, but the rain made it so I didn’t feel guilty for just being lazy. With the heat of the summer I’ve been getting up early to get outside an exercise, but with the rain I had an excuse just to lie in bed hours later than I normally would have. Since church is outside right now, even though it’s covered I used the rain as excuse to watch online instead. That meant I had time to make french toast for breakfast. I also would have read and watched tv anyway, but the rain made it seem like a solid plan rather than just being lazy. I would have felt totally differently if I had outdoor plans. Next weekend I would like the weather to be really nice the whole time because I am going to be outside for pretty much the entire thing except sleeping. This weekend though it was nice to have a rainy day. Sorry to anyone whose outdoor plans did get ruined.

I almost didn’t have a musical delight for this week, but after I wrote this but before I actually posted it I came across this lovely tweet that is musically related.

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