Last Week Delight 8/30/2022

Before we get into this week’s delights, a little behind the scenes info. I keep track of my weekly delights in the Notes app on my phone. When something brings me a little joy or makes me smile I try to remember to jot it down in my Notes app, so that when I’m writing these posts I’ll remember what happened over the last week. I have a handful of things in that Note that have been there since the beginning of this process as they are perpetual things that make me happy. I figure they are delights in my back pocket in case I have a week where I don’t have a lot of other things to talk about. I believe that one or two of them have made it into previous posts. Another one is going to make it in this week’s list for a very specific reason unrelated to the fact that I don’t have as many things to post about this week as in some previous weeks.

  • That thing is stickers on poles. Many of the light poles and electrical boxes in my neighborhood are covered in stickers that people have put on them. I enjoy looking at the random stickers that get put up on them.
  • That leads into this second delight. Since January 11, 2021 I have been posting a photo a day in my Instagram stories of the flamingos I find in people’s yards within walking distance of my house. Flamingos are a thing in my neighborhood, but I honestly never thought it would go on this long. This week is about to mark the end of that project as I have run out of new flamingos to post. I warned people that #FlamingoaDay was about to come to an end. One of my friends was very upset about this and sent me a pack of 50 flamingo stickers. I guess she expects me to go around defacing light poles with stickers myself and then posting about it to keep the project going. One of the things I enjoyed about doing this is hunting for the flamingos, so it won’t really be the same if I’m the one putting them out. Another friend is also very disturbed that as it stands now this project would end just shy of 600 flamingos. So to please both of them and remedy what I have always thought is very odd that despite all the stickers and all the flamingos, I have never seen a flamingo sticker, I am going to stick up a few flamingos around the neighborhood just until I get to 600. I’m not going to do all 50.
  • Someone posted about their missing cat in our neighborhood Facebook page the other day. They said that she responds to food, her name, and pspspspsp, which cracked me up.
  • There is a stand at our farmer’s market called blacksauce kitchen that is famous for its biscuit sandwiches. Most Saturday’s I get breakfast from them. Last week I was in line behind this older woman who had apparently never been to blacksauce kitchen and had no idea what it was. I guess she just saw a really long line and decided to get in it to see what everyone was waiting for or something. I have no idea. All I know is that she started asking all kinds of questions when she got to the front of the line like literally what is a biscuit sandwich. The woman taking orders was like um it’s a sandwich made on a biscuit. There were a lot of questions many of which seemed to have obvious answers. She finally managed to order something. When I got up to take my order the woman working there said to me, I just gave myself a raise after that. I guess that woman must have liked what she ordered though because this week when I got in line she was right in front of me again. This line is always crazy long. Like what are the odds that I wind up right behind this same woman two weeks in a row? As soon as I got in line and my husband saw her he just looked at me and started laughing.
  • Someone I follow somewhere shared this lovely Twitter thread. It’s a crazy story, apparently all true, and with a wonderful ending. Just go read it.

And now for your musical delights.

  • As I’m writing this I’m watching a replay of a livestream of the Trampled by Turtles concert at Red Rocks that happened earlier this week. One of the few good things that came from COVID is the acceleration of livestreams of concerts being available. There’s still only a real minority of shows that you can livestream, but it’s way more than pre-pandemic. It’s not the same as being there, but I was never going to get to Red Rocks to see this show in person despite Red Rocks being at the top of my concert venue bucket list. Even better I didn’t even have to pay for this. I’m on their mailing list and got an email saying that if I pre-saved their new album on Spotify I would get a code to watch the replay of the livestream this weekend for free. It’s been a great show, so I’m very glad I got to watch it. Multiple of their children have come out to sing with them on songs as well as Erin Rae and Caamp who opened for them. Caamp joined them on “Alone”, which is my all time favorite Trampled by Turtles song, so that made me very happy.
  • On the most recent episode of the Song Exploder podcast Madonna was on talking about the song “Hung Up” from her album Confessions on a Dance Floor. I hadn’t thought about that album in a very long time despite the fact that when it came out it I listened to it pretty much daily for months as the soundtrack to working out back in the days before podcasts were a thing and I replaced listening to music while exercising with listening to podcasts. Listening to it brought back a lot of memories of a very particular time in my life. It led to me actually listening to the full album for the first time in probably at least a decade. It’s definitely of a time, but I still enjoyed it.
  • Apparently Billy Joel brought out Olivia Rodrigo to sing her song “Deja Vu” and his song “Uptown Girl” with him during one of his recent concerts at Madison Square Garden. I thought that was pretty great. I like how he’s just kind of grinning at her watching her sing. Delight.

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