New Music Friday: You’re Not Alone by Allison Russell ft. Brandi Carlile

Today’s song for New Music Friday is really only sort of new. The original version of the song appears on the 2019 album by Our Native Daughters, which was a temporary group with Allison Russell, Rhiannon Giddens, Leyla McCalla, and Amythyst Kiah. It’s one of my favorite songs off of that album, so I’m happy to talk about it in it’s newest incarnation. Yesterday, Allison Russell released an updated version of the song featuring Brandi Carlile. Proceeds from the song on Bandcamp are going to go to Brandi’s foundation, the Looking Out Foundation, and specifically their EveryTown For Gun Safety Support Fund and The Fight For Reproductive Justice Campaign.

I was very excited when they dropped this song yesterday morning because it just so happened that that same night I was seeing Brandi Carlile in concert with Allison Russell (and the Indigo Girls) opening for her. So I knew we were going to get to hear them perform the song. I was 100% right about that, and it was wonderful. I’ll have more to say about that concert later this weekend, but for now go listen to the song and maybe purchase a copy and support a good cause if you so choose.

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