New Music Friday: Hear My Dear by the Tedeschi Trucks Band

I halfway adore the Tedeschi Trucks Band. Like the stuff I love I really love, but I don’t love everything. At their heart they are a jam band, and that is just not my thing. I don’t need a live performance of a song to be 20 minutes long. I also just don’t love every song as they can vary stylistically. However, I am 100% all in on Susan Tedeschi’s voice and their kind of twangy guitar rock. When she sings the song and it’s that sound on the album version, not three times as long version you’d get line I could not love it more. Last Friday they put out part 1 of what is going to be a 4 part film and album series based on some Persian tale of star crossed lovers. The album series is called I am the Moon and the first part is Crescent.

I don’t know about all of that. I haven’t even listened to the lyrics of the whole thing closely enough to understand the story it’s telling. I just know that I really like the song “Hear My Dear” because it encompasses all of the things that I said above that I love. My feelings about the album overall pretty much mirror my feelings about the bands entire corpus. Love the Susan fronted stuff. Don’t love the stuff she’s not the lead vocalist on. The 12 minute song is way too long. It kind of just wraps everything up in one 5 song package. So I guess I’ll just keep loving the songs I love and leaving the songs I don’t and reminding myself that no matter how strongly I feel about the songs I do love, I really don’t want to see them live again because too much jam.

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