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I am way behind on posting about the tv I’ve been watching. Looking at the list of new shows I keep for these posts I’m realizing I finished some of them months ago.

From Cradle to Stage

This show is 100% made for me. It’s based on a book by Dave Grohl’s mom, Virginia, in which she interviewed the moms of musical artists about their childhoods and how they got into music. In the show Dave Grohl and his mom go around and make these conversations into little documentary episodes. Each episode is interspersed with Dave and his mom talking about his own experiences with music growing up and his career. I love it so much. It’s literally the only thing worth watching on Paramount+, which I only have because we got a free subscription. This was pretty much the only thing I found to watch. I don’t care that much for the Foo Fighters, but from everything I can tell Dave Grohl is the biggest mensch. If that ever changes literally no one tell me because I don’t want to know. He also has made several music documentary films and tv shows that I love so much. The final episode showed Virginia Grohl having a lunch with all the moms featured in her book and there were more people there than were featured in the show, so I really hope that they make another season featuring some of these other moms. I will pay for Paramount+ just to watch it.

The Guilded Age

This show is barely about anything other than looking at people in pretty dresses living in pretty houses and being scandalized by anyone who dares not have been born into their money trying to get into their circles. It’s utterly ridiculous, but yet I enjoyed it. I could use less of the downstairs people in this show. I know they were a big part of Julian Fellows previous show, Downton Abbey, but here they’re not as well integrated into a show so much so that I don’t even know which of them work in which house. This show doesn’t need to be about them. Also, I have to hand it to this show for having a season finale in which literally nothing happened despite the fact that it was an hour long. It really is an impressive feat.

You’re the Worst

I avoided watching You’re the Worst for a long time because I don’t like shows where everyone is terrible and that was my impression of what this show was. I wasn’t really wrong about that, but I also really wound up like this show. It’s the first show I’ve truly binge watched in quite awhile. In a lot of ways it’s over the top ridiculous, but there are also some really real moments about living with mental illness and being in a relationship with someone with mental illness that make it really lovely. Even though the characters were awful I liked them. The only thing I will say is that it worked better for me when they only interacted with each other because then it was a whole circle of awfulness that really only affected them. I didn’t care for the episodes where there were outside people who were affected by it. Luckily those didn’t happen very often.

Single Drunk Female

Single Drunk Female is about a twenty-something alcoholic woman trying to get her life together after she hits rock bottom and gets sober. Her mom, who she is living with but who has had enough of her drama is played by Ally Sheedy. It’s an enjoyable little half hour show that airs on Freeform and is available on Hulu, which is where I watched it. I’m happy that it got renewed for another season.

The Newsreader

The Newsreader is an Australian show that is available to watch on the Roku Channel. It takes place in the 80s and stars Anna Torv, who should really have more roles on tv, as a news anchor with a mental illness, who has a nervous breakdown and who is helped out by a coworker who she decides to help work his way into being a news anchor as well. They start dating, but he is also secretly gay and lying to both her and himself about it. Each episode surrounds a big news story. Most of them were things that were also big enough stories that they were things I knew about. There was one episode featuring a bombing in Melbourne that I know nothing about, but which I assume was also real since the other stories were. It was a good show, and I recommend watching it. I have no idea if you have to have a Roku to watch the Roku Channel, but if you do have one watch it and see if you can anyway if you don’t have one.

The Dropout

I waited to long to review this show because I know I had some very specific thoughts about it, but now I can’t really remember what they were. I know there were various uses of music that felt way too on the nose to me and several pop cultural references that felt very heavy handed in trying to let you know what year you were in at a particular time. I think Amanda Seyfriend did a good job in the role. It was maddening that her house of cards was able to go on for so long.

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