Last Week Delight

Last week was a real rough week with the school shooting in Uvalde and the hopeless feeling that nothing is going to change because this country is more in love with guns than people. Rather than delights it was more like trying to find something, anything that just didn’t feel like the world is total and complete garbage. So here we are.

  • I love honeysuckle. It’s one of my favorite smells in the world. When I was a kid we had a bunch in our backyard and I would eat the little drop of nectar or whatever it is out of the blossoms. We would try to do it at school on the playground too, but the teachers would yell at us which makes sense. You don’t want kids eating plants and potentially getting sick. Anyway the honeysuckle is in bloom and there are a few places I walk by every day that have some and I’ve been loving it. Our neighbor across the street has some on their back fence which sit beside the sidewalk. I was walking the other day and it was breezy and before I even saw it I could smell it and was like yay it’s honeysuckle time!
  • Related to all that, I follow Katie Pruitt, who is a musical artist I like, on Instagram and she posted a story last week of showing everyone how to eat honeysuckle. Perfect.
  • Ever since my cat got sick she has been sleeping in somewhat odd places for her. At night instead of sleeping at the foot of our bed she has been sleeping on the couch in our bedroom. I said something about it to her the other night and was like are you never going to sleep with me again. And then she did! She started out on the couch, but I woke up in the middle of the night and she was curled up next to my legs. She did that two nights in a row, but now she’s just back to the couch.
  • Somebody Feed Phil is back for a new season! If you aren’t familiar with Somebody Feed Phil it’s a sort of travel food show on Netflex in which Phil Rosenthal travels around the world, meets people, and enjoys food. It’s such a delightful, joyful show. I really didn’t know when or if we would ever get new episodes because you know travel and eating in restaurants seem really difficult with COVID. They somehow managed to make it work and filmed both the fifth and sixth seasons back to back. So we’re going to get even more! You can tell some of the stuff they did to make it work. There is a lot of eating and meeting with people outside, and when they are inside they are meeting with the chefs while their restaurants are closed. Gone are the days where you feel like Phil is just dining there while all the tables around him are full of other diners. There is an episode set in Maine where it feels like there were fewer restrictions, but at least the two episodes I’ve watched so far that were shot abroad were definitely full of COVID protocols. I still have a couple more episodes of this season to enjoy. I’m trying to savor them because God knows I need a little injection of this joy. It could literally not have returned at a better time.
  • I made a lemon cake with lemon cream cheese frosting for my friend’s birthday last week. It was a delicious cake. I will definitely make it again. Also, I have to give a shout out to my awesome husband who went to three different grocery stores to find lemon extract for me. For some reason that one flavor seems to be hard to come by right now. He was like they have every other flavor of extract known to man, but the lemon is out. Luckily he finally found some and the cake was saved! My friend has a bunny, so I found some really cute bunny cake toppers to go on it. It was adorable, and she loved it so that made me happy.
  • As I believe I mentioned previously I had to find a new primary care physician because my current doctor is retiring. I just got the new patient paperwork in the mail from the new doctor’s office. One of the questions they asked on it was name three things that bring you joy. I refrained from just referring them to this blog, but I definitely thought about it.
  • Surprisingly I don’t really have a musical delight this week. Obviously going to The War on Drugs concert, but I have a whole long post on that already, so I won’t rehash it here. Instead I’m going to leave you with some poetry.
  • I have never been really much of a poetry person. I never just sit down to read some poetry. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a book of poetry. Every once in awhile I’ll see someone share a poem that resonates with me, but I’ve just never connected with it that much probably because I’m not consuming it in the best way. When I sit down with a book I like to sit down and read it. I think with poetry it probably makes more sense to dole it out to yourself in little bits a poem or two here and there. I’m not good at that, but it’s probably why when I run across one shared on social media I can connect with it more. There have been a number of poems I’ve seen recently that have really hit home for me. Here are a couple of them.
    • I saw someone share just a fragment of a poem by Mary Oliver the other week and had to go look up what it was from. The whole poem is “Invitation“, but this is the part that made me need to go read all of it:

“it is a serious thing

just to be alive
on this fresh morning
in the broken world.”

  • Amanda Gorman is an incredible poet who I think has brought a whole bunch of people into poetry who never considered themselves poetry people before. I haven’t read a ton of her stuff because see above, but from what I can tell she uses her poetry to powerfully speak truth to power, to call things out, but also to encourage, to lift up, and to call people action to build the better future she sees. She shared this short poem on Instagram the day of the Uvalde shooting and then later “A Hymn for the Hurting” in the New York Times. What a powerful voice she has.

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