New(ish) Music Friday: These Hard Days by Casii Stephan

I don’t have a particularly new song for you today. I haven’t been able to listen to a lot of music in the past few weeks except on my commute so I haven’t been exposed to much new music recently. So instead I looked back through the songs I’ve added to my 2022 playlist so far this year to find one I hadn’t already written about, that you probably haven’t heard of, and about which I felt like I had something to say. So here we are with Casii Stephan’s “These Hard Days”

This song was released way back in September of 2021, though I obviously didn’t hear it until sometime in early 2022 since it’s in my 2022 playlist instead of 2021’s. I don’t think a lot of people are still identifying with this song, but I am more than ever right now. So much feels out of my control and the fact that everyone else seems to be back to living their 2019 lives while my world still seems so small feels even worse at the moment because every day it feels more and more like I’m on my own. I saw another immunocompromised person tweeting after the transit mask mandate was struck down earlier this week talking about never being able to do anything “outside of the tight little routines we’ve been forced to weave for ourselves” and that really described my life perfectly. It’s not that I do zero things, but I almost do. And they are pretty much the same things over and over. It’s not that I didn’t know people were living their lives as if the pandemic doesn’t exist anymore, but having a first row seat to watching my family just running around doing whatever they wanted without a second thought and no masks in sight when I visited them last week just hit home for me even moreso about how limited my life is and how every time I do anything I do this insane calculus in my head that half the time is so exhausting I just give up anyway. It’s beyond tiring and demoralizing at this point.

Anyway, this song that was written when probably a lot more people were feeling it, but it’s still speaking to me right now. So I share it with you in case you are feeling any kind of way at the moment to. It’s a good one to have in your arsenal because we all hit a rough patch at some time or another. It’s got a good message of hope in it. I like that it doesn’t feel like an overly rah rah type of hope either. It’s a simple sort of hope that sort of says things are bad, but we can keep moving forward even if that’s all we’re doing. I like the idea of hope being something you can move slowly towards even when you can’t really see or feel it. They lyric “Though these days may be long and hard, they’re still our days” feels like that to me.

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