New Music Friday: Goodbye Mr. Blue by Father John Misty

I do not love Joshua Tillman, Father John Misty. I find the persona he has created as “Father John Misty” both pretentious and annoying. I walked out his set at the Newport Folk Festival the first time I saw him. Apparently not everyone felt the same because he’s been back since then though I opted to not even bother. I did see him one more time because he co-headlined a tour with Jason Isbell with Jade Bird opening. Normally I would have been happy that Jason Isbell was closing the show I was at because it meant he got an extra 15 minutes to play, but in this case I wish it had been Father John Misty so I just could have left after Jason Isbell’s set. I wanted to see Jade Bird, so I didn’t just want to go late.

Despite all this today I bring you a new song off his album Chloë and The Next 20th Century. It sounds very big band old Hollywood for the most part and I kind of like it. I particularly wanted to talk about he song “Goodbye Mr. Blue” because it sounds a little out of time with the rest of the album, though still definitely a throwback. I’ve been wracking my brain for weeks trying to put my finger on what song it reminds me of, and I actually finally figured it out right before starting to write this post. I was thinking something perhaps by Todd Rundgren or Jim Croce. As an aside, every time I hear Todd Rundgren’s name I think that he’s some sort of metal dude from the 70s before I remember who he actually is and the sort of milquetoast songs that he sings. The song I’ve actually been trying to remember though is Harry Nilsson’s “Everybody’s Talkin'”. So you can tell me if you think I’m right or not.

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