Last Week Delight

It’s time to talk about the things that brought me delight last week. Let’s get to it.

  • Staycation. I had to use up some vacation time, so I mostly spent last week on staycation. I basically watched tv, read, listened to music, and hung out with my cat. It was lovely.
  • Finding missing flamingos. If you follow me on Instagram you know that since January 2021 I have been posting a daily flamingo picture in my Insta Stories of all the flamingos that people have in their yards in my neighborhood. I’ve been doing it for almost a year and three months and haven’t run out of flamingos yet. People add new flamingos all the time and if they’re similar to other ones I have a hard time knowing if I already posted them or not, but someone else recently shared two photos of flamingos that were very distinctive on a neighborhood Facebook page and I knew I didn’t have them. I literally started rewalking every street in my neighborhood to try and find them and was striking out. It was driving me crazy that I couldn’t find them, but last week I finally found both of them. Now I can sleep at night.
  • Maillard Patisserie. There’s been a location in my neighborhood that for maybe the last decade has been rotating series of donut shops, none of which I ever really cared for. The last one closed at the end of last year and a few weeks ago a place called Maillard Patisserie opened up. I’m obsessed. It’s so good. It’s going to make me very fat and very poor because it is also not cheap. They have the best almond croissants I have ever had. And every time I go in there I walk away with multiple things. It’s dangerous.
  • 2 and half pancakes on the street. Sometimes living in a city means walking by things like 2 and a half pancakes lying in the middle of the sidewalk and living with the unanswerable question of how they got there.
  • Gonzaga losing in the NCAA tournament. Now you wouldn’t think Gonzaga losing would bring me delight since I had them picked to win in my basketball pool. However, Gonzaga is my bracket nemesis. They screw me over year. If I take them far in the bracket they lose. If I don’t pick them to go very far they win. It never fails. I even said to my husband when I picked them that I should apologize to everyone who was picking Gonzaga to win because their brackets are doomed. So it brought me a certain amount of satisfaction that they are still my nemesis and our adversarial relationship lives on.
  • Amos Lee on Instagram Live. I’ve written more than once on this blog about Amos Lee doing concerts on Instagram Live every Thursday for the first full year of the pandemic. Every once in awhile when he feels like it or is trying to promote something he’ll pop back on and do one and usually do a fundraiser for some charity while he’s at it. This week he did one to encourage people to come out and see him on the tour he’s getting ready to start and he also raised over $5,000 for Doctors without Borders.
  • Advanced Reader’s Copies of Books. Due to the fact that I’m a librarian there are a couple of websites I can get advanced reader’s copies of some books from. I always get super excited when a book I already know that I really want to read shows up. This week that happened with Zachary Levi’s forthcoming memoir, Radical Love.
  • Seeing a friend after multiple years. This past weekend I went to NYC to see a couple of Broadway shows, which in and of itself was a major delight, but while I was in town I got to meet up with a friend who lives there who I hadn’t seen since pre-pandemic. It was really nice to be able to catch up in person. It’s been so weird the past few years there are not an insignificant number of friends in Baltimore I really haven’t seen since the pandemic started, but then there are other friends who I’ve gotten much closer to. I don’t know how all my post-pandemic friendships will shake out, but I’ll relish getting to reconnect with those friends that I do.
  • Speaking of going to NYC, instead of taking the train like normal my friend and I drove up because I wanted one less vector of potential contagion. I wasn’t really looking forward to driving in Manhattan traffic, but I needn’t have worried because there was none. I mean I didn’t have to drive that far in the city to get to the parking garage we were parking in, but still. The streets were virtually empty of cars at the points we were driving. Downtown Baltimore has had way more traffic than I experienced in Manhattan on this trip.
  • Bagels and Black and White cookies. There are two things that I always have to eat when I go to NYC, bagels and black and white cookies. I have never bought into the fact that people claim the only good pizza is in NYC. I literally can’t tell the difference between pizza there and any other greasy slice you can get anywhere else in the country. It’s probably partly because I don’t particularly care for that style of pizza, so it all tastes not great to me. However, you will never convince me to buy into that theory. I will however die on my sword saying that bagels in NYC are better than other places. I won’t say that you can’t get a good bagel anywhere else, but I’ll just say they’re hard to come by. Too many places just make bagel shaped bread that doesn’t have the right chew. So I always have to treat myself to a whole wheat bagel with strawberry cream cheese, which is my standard bagel order in New York. Every bagel place in New York can offer me this combination. I don’t know of any place in Baltimore. I would also always get a black and white cookie from Zaro in Penn Station to eat on the train home. Since we didn’t take the train this time I just grabbed a black and white cookie at the bagel place we went to. Alas, it was not as good as Zaro’s cookie, but I’ll be happy about eating getting to eat one in principle.

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