Last Week Delight

It’s time again to share some of the things that have been bringing me moments of delight over the past week.

  • Cherry blossoms and daffodils. The first signs of spring are starting to appear with some of the cherry blossoms and daffodils starting to bloom. Baltimore is beautiful in the spring. Tons of people of daffodils and tulips in their yards and the city is covered in cherry trees, including babies of cherry trees (the originals have died) Al Capone gave to Union Memorial Hospital for treating him for syphilis.
  • Scout. My cat brings me delight in lots of ways, but two things this week that I took note of are how she sits like a little lady when she’s in sphinx pose. Most cats just sit with their two front paws straight out, but he always sits with hers crossed. It’s adorable. She also begs me for a lap when I come home from work every day. She’s an old, arthritic lady so she has stairs to get up onto the couch. She runs to the bottom of those stairs and then turns around and stares at me and meows until I go over to the couch and sit down so she can run into my lap. Usually she just hangs there for like five minutes, but one day this week she stayed for an hour.
  • Socks. I have lots of socks, and I like that I have all kinds of socks for different purposes. Fun, decorative socks. Athletic socks. Compression socks that I once bought for long plane trips, but which have become my outdoor, winter exercise socks because they’re tall and cover more of my leg. Warm, fuzzy socks for lounging around the house in the cold in. So many socks.
  • Return of the bike people. There are two guys that I often see on my morning walk who do a morning ride together. I usually see them right about the same place every morning when they’re splitting off to go back to their respective houses. It hadn’t even really occurred to me that I hadn’t seen them in awhile because presumably they weren’t riding in the winter cold until I saw them again this week and I was like the bike people are back!
  • Kimberly Adams announced as the new Make Me Smart podcast co-host. I was super sad (and still am) when Molly Wood announced she was leaving Marketplace and thus also the Make Me Smart podcast. It seemed like all the listeners assumed that Kimberly Adams would be named the new co-host because she was the go-to fill-in when either Kai or Molly were out, but for the last few months instead of they’ve just had a rotating cast of Marketplace people co-hosting. I was starting to think that was the new plan since so many other podcasts I listen to have started doing that in recent years. I don’t love it because one of things I like is the sense of listening to friends sitting around chatting on a topic because a rapport and inside jokes and things build up over time that just doesn’t happen when you’re constantly rotating hosts. So I was pleased when they did in fact make Kimberly official this week, and she immediately proved my point. There is a long running joke about her getting Kai to watch the movie The Neverending Story because it came up one time somehow that he had never seen it when she was filling in, and he promised that by the next time she filled in he would have watched it. He did not, and still never has. After the announcement that she was the permanent co-host he asked what she was looking forward to and she responded getting him to finally watch The Neverending Story. That’s the kind of content I’m here for.
  • I like the tv show Million Little Things. I like dramas that are just about people living life. This week was one of their best episodes ever. It has a pay off for people wanting one of the central couples who have been broken up to finally get back together. It had a hi-larious scene with another character trying to tell his wife that the previously mentioned couple kissed while they were sitting across from them and the other guy one of those characters was still dating. And I liked that it subverted the expectation that yet another character who found out that his recent ex-wife was dating another woman was going to be all upset about it and instead had him be very supportive also in some amusing ways. It was a delightful episode.
  • Daylight Saving Time. I don’t love the abrupt time change, but I do love having more light at the end of th day. Oddly I’m also looking forward to it being darker for my morning walks again. I like going out while it’s still dark and being out during the sunrise. In recent weeks I’ve been up after first light. That will change for a little bit again until the days get longer.

And now for your musical delights of the week.

  • The do-do-do-do-do part of Suite: Judy Blue Eyes by Crosby, Stills, and Nash. It’s a 7 and half minute song and that part only shows up with less than a minute left in the song, but it’s the part of the song that everyone knows, and it’s so fun to sing along to. I have no recollection of the first time I heard that song, but kind of wish I did remember the first time I must have experienced that little jolt of surprise when it happened, but now I just enjoy the long anticipation of knowing it’s coming and waiting for it.
  • Chvrches with Robert Smith at the NME Awards. Robert Smith was featured on the song “How Not to Drown” on Chvrches most recent album. He joined them to sing the song at the NME Awards and then they also sang “Just Like Heaven” together in the most delightful way. I love how they turned it into a duet with Lauren Mayberry singing the parts of the song that are written from a woman’s perspective but Robert Smith still singing the “she said” lyric. Perfect. There was some tiny, tiny rumor that was probably just that, that they might tour together. I would go anywhere and pay any amount of money.

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