New Music Friday: Special by BOYO

I had never heard of BOYO prior to this morning, and I don’t know much about him. Apparently though he recorded an album and then shortly before it’s release decided that the downbeat nature of it no longer reflected his mood, so he scrapped it and recorded an entirely new album in like a month. “Special” is the final song on his new album, Echoes Like Memories. I actually only really like a couple of songs on the album, and this happens to be one of them. I’m in a really crappy mood today. The weight of the world is large, and work is super stressful with any hope of that ending any time was dashed yesterday. So sometimes all you can do is try and dance it out, and this song is perfect for that. I hope that I too one day soon feel like BOYO and think this sad music doesn’t reflect how I feel, let’s dance.

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