New Music Friday: Title Track Edition

Good Morning Gorgeous by Mary J. Blige

Let’s get crunk cause Mary’s back! I’m not going to lie. I totally chose to write about this song today because I really wanted to use that lyric as my opening line. I’ve not seen it done, but I’m sure 8 million other people have used that line in a similar way whenever Mary J. Blige does something new since the song “Family Affair” came out. Anyway, if you hadn’t figure it out yet, Mary J. Blige is indeed back with a new album today, her first in five years. It’s called Good Morning Gorgeous and it’s a lot about learning to love the parts of you that you hate and trying to build yourself up. The title track is my favorite song off the album, so that’s what I’m sharing.

Dreamland by Amos Lee

I wrote about “Worry No More”, the first single off of Dreamland, Amos Lee’s new album, when it came out last year. I’ve been looking forward to this album for a long time. He actually finished recording it right before COVID happened and decided to wait to release it. It’s finally here, and I am in love with it. I was trying to decide which song to share off it, but then I wanted to write about the Mary J. Blige album too and hit upon the theme of the title track. So I’m sharing the first song off of the album, “Dreamland”. Like Mary J. Blige’s album, this one is also very thematic in that it’s a lot about trying to overcome depression and anxiety. I think we can all relate to that on at least some level at the moment even if it’s not something you chronically struggle with. An excellent album for these times.

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