New Music Friday: The Only Heartbreaker by Mitski

My Spotify Release Radar playlist was on fire today with tons of new singles out this week. I thought about switching to writing about one of those new songs that really fit the definition, but I decided to stick with my plan to write about “The Only Heartbreaker” by Mitski. It actually came out last November, but I didn’t really become aware of it until this year, and it’s one of my current favorite songs. So even though it isn’t the newest of new songs I wanted to make sure and write about it.

We are definitely going through an 80s synth revival at the moment, and as someone who grew up in that era it’s speaking to the music of my childhood so I am hear for it. Mitski is continuing that trend with her newest single “The Only Heartbreaker”, which is off of her forthcoming sixth album Laurel Hell. Lyrically it’s a very simple song with the majority of the lyrics being “I’ll be the only heartbreaker”, but it really works for me. It’s about being the one who destroys a relationship. The simple lyrics, the synthy rock music, and the inferno imagery in the music video all work together really well to convey the idea of burning a relationship down. I’m very much enjoying this song right now, and I think you will too.

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