New Music Friday: Dawn FM by The Weeknd

I didn’t really want to write about The Weeknd’s new album Dawn FM because no one needs me to tell them about The Weeknd, but it’s really what I’ve been steeped in this week. I thought I might write about the new song by Lucius, but I’m not super in love with it and just didn’t really have anything to say about it. I’m not really in a writing mood today, so I’m not really going to say that much about Dawn FM either. Plus lots of people much more knowledgeable than I am have said much more intelligent things than I could say about it right now. I highly recommend a listen to the Switched on Pop episode about the album. I’m just really loving it’s 80s vibes and it’s interesting concept album with a trip through Purgatory listening to the radio with a DJ voiced by Jim Carrey. It’s groovy. I dig it. The end.

New (To Me) Music Friday: Seventeen Going Under by Sam Fender

It’s the first Friday in 2022 and I’m back with a new to me song that is not really a new song at all. The song came out back in July 2021 and the album of the same name came out in October 2021. It’s also his sophomore album so he’s been around. I however first heard of Sam Fender and the song “Seventeen Going Under” on New Year’s Eve when there was a profile of him in the Washington Post. He’s apparently very big in the UK, but I had never heard of him until that article. I’m really glad I read it and listened to his music because I love it. The article kept saying about how people compared him to Bruce Springsteen, which I don’t get so much musically other than some of the horns, but I guess more lyrically in the things he’s singing about. Sonically he reminds me more of The Killers, which I guess is fitting since he is apparently opening up for them on their UK and Ireland legs of their upcoming tour. I have tickets to see The Killers in the fall COVID gods willing and I’m a little bit bummed that he won’t be opening for them on their US tour too. In case you like me had not heard of him, now you have.