New Music Friday (Rewind): 4Runner by Rostam

I have no idea where I came across the song “4Runner” by Rostam, but at some point early in 2021 I added it to the Spotify playlist I create each year of songs I come across that I really like during that year. I’m honestly shocked that this song didn’t show up in my Top 5 Songs in my Spotify Wrapped for 2021 because I feel like every time I put my 2021 playlist on shuffle it was one of the first songs to shuffle up. It’s a song I really like, so I’m not mad about that. I literally no nothing else about this band or any of their other songs. I guess that sort of speaks to something people on a podcast I was listening to yesterday were literally just saying about how when Spotify dishes up songs by artists that people don’t already know it actually very rarely results in people engaging with the artist and pursuing more of their music, looking into them, buying concert tickets, etc. I am obviously someone who is into new music, but it’s impossible to keep up with and get highly invested in everyone even when you happen to really like one of their songs. So here we are.

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