New Music Friday: Dream Never Dies by Lo Moon

Hey it’s Friday and there’s a bunch of new albums out today, none of which I’m going to be talking about. Silk Sonic’s album is out. I’m agnostic on that one. Taylor’s version of Red is out today. Although Red is probably the one I like the most if forced to choose, I still just do not like Taylor Swift’s music so I won’t be writing about that either. Plus it’s not really new. I will say however despite my dislike of her music that I completely respect Taylor Swift’s savvy in the music business, and I totally use her as an example every time I teach a music copyright class. Amanda Shires has a new Christmas album out today too. Like Hiss Golden Messenger’s Christmas album that came out a few weeks ago I’m saving that one until it’s actually Christmas music season. I foresee a Christmas related post happening on Black Friday.

Although I’m not here to talk about any of the new albums out today, I am here to alert you to the new single, “Dream Never Dies”, that Lo Moon released a few days ago. Lo Moon hasn’t put out any new music since their first album back in 2018. I loved that album, but I hadn’t really kept up with what the band was doing at all. The only reason I knew they had a new single out was because Lauren Mayberry of Chvrches alerted me to it in her Instagram stories earlier in the week. It was in my Release Radar on Spotify this morning, though I’m not sure if it would have been there had I not already listened to it earlier in the week. Thankfully I did become aware of it though because I like it just a much as their previous work. It’s got the same sort of dreamy indie rock vibe going on. I assume this song is a harbinger of a new album, so I will be very excited to hear it whenever it comes out.

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