New Music Friday: I Don’t Live Here Anymore by The War on Drugs (feat. Lucius)

The new album, I Don’t Live Here Anymore by The War on Drugs comes out today. It’s their fifth album and their first in four years. I’ve been looking forward to this album since they announced it. I wrote about “Proof”, the first single off of the album awhile back. I try not to write about multiple songs off the same album very often, which is why I haven’t written about the title song off the album, “I Don’t Live Here Anymore” before now. It’s the second single and has also been out for a little while. I love it so much though and with the new album coming out today I finally decided to cave and write about it. My other option was to write about the new Tori Amos album, but I haven’t had a chance to listen to that one yet and I really wanted to write about this song. So here we go.

Bear with me as I make a brief digression. Ellen Pompeo of Grey’s Anatomy fame has a new podcast that I hate but also can’t stop listening to. I don’t think she’s a good interviewer and this podcast reveals some rather kooky beliefs that she has that make me kind of hate her. Anyway, on the podcast she keeps talking about how she believes in the power of frequency and how people are drawn to certain frequencies and also she believes in something called frequency medicine, which she said she got into after she had a cyst on her pancreas. She said her doctors told her they would giver her 8 weeks to try her hocus pocus and if it didn’t work she was having surgery. Guess what? It didn’t work and she had the surgery, and yet somehow this confirmed her belief in it? I’m just thinking as I’m listening that she doesn’t seem to realize that she is sort of doing the same thing that the anti-vaxxers she also rails against in this episode are doing. She grabbed onto some pseudo-science thing that sounded interesting and believable to her and didn’t let go of the belief even when science and her own experience told her otherwise. The human brain is not evolved enough for the modern world y’all.

Anyway, the reason I tell that story is because despite the fact that I’m super dubious about frequency medicine and even most of her claims about frequency at least a little part of me thinks that there is something there because of songs like “I Don’t Live Here Anymore”. There are certain songs where the music just resonates with me so much like deep down into my soul that I don’t even know how to explain the experience. I think it’s one of the reasons I love music so much, and even if it’s not with music I hope that other people have something in their life that gives them that feeling. Often when I have that experience with a song it’s usually either the guitar work or something to do with vocal harmony. Thus my thought that maybe the experience does have something to do with the frequency in the song. This song gives me that experience both with the guitar and vocal harmonies. There’s something about the guitar in this song as well as the vocal harmonies that Lucius is singing that just ring down into the core of my being like I feel a tuning fork being rung inside my heart. That’s the best I can do to try and describe it. It doesn’t happen with every song, not even most songs including ones I really love, but man when it does it’s an incredible feeling. Needless to say I love this song, and now that I’ve listened to it I love the whole album. Hopefully you can experience even a little fraction of what I do when I listen to it.

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