Baltimore Salt Box Art

Baltimore has these public salt boxes that the Department of Public Works puts out around the city in winter that people can take salt from to spread around icy sidewalks. They are these yellow wooden boxes usually with the words Salt Box spray painted in black on them.

Salt Box

This winter someone decided to start decorating them and replacing the black Salt Box lettering with artistic ways of saying Salt Box. Of course this took off on Baltimore social media and she shared with everyone how she was basically taking plywood, painting it yellow, creating the art on it, and then screwing it into the face of the salt box and encouraging others to create their own art. Baltimoreans jumped on it and as of today there are now 100 pieces of salt box art. Now I’m sad when I stumble across a salt box and it doesn’t have any salt box art on it. It’s stuff like this that makes me love this city.

I’ve been taking photos of the ones I’ve found in my walks, but there are tons more out there. I haven’t even looked through them all, but I am highly impressed with some of the creativity that people have come up with. There’s also a Google map that the original artist put together showing where the salt boxes with art on them are and where there are still salt boxes that are still unadorned in case you want to add your art to one.

Flamingo salt box art
Salty Indy German Shepherd salt box art
Ouija board salt box art
John Waters salt box art
Freddie Mercury salt box art
Broken plate salt box art
Flamingo salt box art
Salt box written in font of Morton salt

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