New Music Friday: Soul and R&B Edition

I missed my New Music Friday post last week because I just didn’t have the mental energy to write anything. On top of the pandemic wall that I hit a few weeks ago and am still trying to get over some life stuff and some work stuff have piled on top of that making the wall even taller. I haven’t struggled this much since the beginning of the pandemic and my inability to focus on anything has come back as a result. I’m still not really feeling it today, but I’m trying to go through the motions so at least the routine propels me forward.

As such though I am not really going to write much about the songs I’m posting today because I didn’t do my deeper dive into the artists that I often do before posting.

I’ve been wanting to post something from the new album, Not Your Muse by Celeste since it came out a couple of weeks ago. I intended to write about it last week before I didn’t write anything at all. She’s a British Jamaican soul singer. I’m digging her. This song, “Tonight, Tonight” is a little poppier than some of the other stuff on the album but it’s a good place to start.

And then this morning on NPR Music’s New Music Friday podcast they talked about the new R&B album by Pink Sweat$. I enjoyed the song Pink Family that they played and came back and listened to the whole album, Pink Planet, and very much enjoyed it as well. Just like the song I chose by Celeste this song is actually a terrible representative for this album because it has a lot more hip hop elements that the rest of the album, which is more straight up R&B, does not have. I was feeeling the vibe of this song though and it’s what made me seek out the rest of the album so it’s what you get.

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