New Music Friday: Notes from the Archive by Maggie Rogers

Today for new music Friday I have some new old music for you. Maggie Rogers decided to subvert the whole sophomore album thing by instead of putting out an album of new music compiling music she created with various bands and at various times in her life before she hit it big and released her first album. Notes from the Archive covers music she wrote from 2011-2016. It moves backwards in time on the album with the newest music appearing first and moving back to the earliest written songs when she was 16. It’s definitely an interesting exercise and you can definitely see her changing over time and trying to figure out her sound. Oddly my least favorite stuff are the newest songs that she would have created just before the songs that wound up on Heard It in a Past Life. While I appreciate the ability to have this look back at her music, I am definitely looking forward to whenever she puts out an album of actual new music.

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