New Music Friday: Searching for the Truth by Katie Pruitt

I’m still going strong with the ladies of country music in my New Music Friday posts. Today I’m talking about Katie Pruitt who released her first length album, Expectations, today. She is someone who is never going to get any mainstream country radio airplay because not only is she a woman, but she’s also queer, something she sings a lot about on this album. She spent four years writing this album while processing her sexuality, the struggles of coming out to devoutly Christian family, and her own faith. The songs are all very personal and full of a lot of very beautiful songs. Go give it a listen.

Although the title song “Expectations” is probably my favorite song on the album it’s not really representative of the sound of the rest of the album, so I’m going to talk about “Searching for the Truth”. It’s a song that rings very true to me after the last few years with the realization that the world and the people in it kind of suck in a way that I wasn’t really cognizant of before. But after most of the song is seemingly really bleak it ends on a hopeful chorus, which I appreciate and most days is where I can get myself back to. It’s at least where I aspire to be because without hope there is no way to make things change for the better.

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