New Music Friday: It Won’t Always Be Like This by Carly Pearce

Carly Pearce’s self titled sophomore album came out today. I adored her first album, which she did get some country radio airplay for. I am equally in love with this album, which so far I haven’t heard getting any love on the radio. Stephen Thompson said on this week’s New Music Friday episode of the All of Songs Considered podcast that Carly Pearce would have been a huge star in country music if it was 1995 and he’s not wrong. It’s probably why I love her music so much because 90’s country music is my favorite.

I was unsure what song from the album I actually wanted to feature here because I really like almost every song on it. I finally decided to go with “It Won’t Always Be Like This” because Carly Pearce co-wrote it with Natalie Hemby and Sam Ellis and I love Natalie Hemby, so it lets me promote two awesome country ladies at the same time. It’s a lovely country ballad about really living in the moment and cherishing the times you are living through as you’re living them rather than waiting and realizing what special times they were in your memories. Take a listen to this song, but I also encourage to seek out the whole album because it’s great.

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