20 Things in 2020

I’ve always been a little bit of a homebody and someone who is averse to going into situations that I am unfamiliar with. As I’ve gotten older and more tired and my neighborhood has gotten more and more things to do I have gotten worse and worse about getting out and about in Baltimore. So in 2020 I decided that I want to try and do 20 things in and around the Baltimore area that I’ve never done before. It could be as simple as trying a restaurant I’ve never been to or going to some event.

My neighborhood does a New Year’s Eve ball drop and the guy who organizes it always dresses up as Baby New Year. I’ve never gotten my picture taken with him until last night because my friends said that could be my first thing. I did do it and probably wouldn’t have otherwise because my instinct is never to push further into a crowd so that I can take a picture with a mostly naked man. It kind of goes a little bit against the idea of this though in that I did not have to leave my neighborhood to do it. Maybe I’ll count it as half a thing and if I do something else new in my neighborhood over the course of the year I can count that as a half thing as well.

I have a few ideas in mind, but am open to suggestions of things I should do. I keep wanting to go to the concerts they’ve been doing at the Peabody Library that they’ve been hosting, but come that weeknight I can never muster up the motivation. Going to the BMA earlier this week and seeing a video art installation that featured the Great Black in Wax museum I was reminded that it was something I had on my list of things to do a long time ago. I’ve always wanted to go to the Great Halloween Lantern Parade in Patterson Park but have never gone.

I of course will be blogging about whatever adventures I have so you can all follow along.

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