New Music Friday: Collaborations with Leon Bridges

By this point in the year I thought I was going to be out of new music to write about as it’s typically a slow period for new music. There still aren’t many new albums out, but people are still dropping singles. I guess this is our new musical reality. It’s hard to keep up. I obviously pay attention to music and there were still a ton of songs on all the best of 2019 lists I’ve been reading that I didn’t know.

Anyway, today I have two new songs for you that feature Leon Bridges. His album Good Thing was one of my favorites from 2018. He’s apparently spending some time between albums sitting in with some other artists and I’m here for it. In addition to these two songs he also pops up in the Kacey Musgraves holiday special on Amazon.

Last month Noah Cyrus released a remix of her song “July” that originally came out in, well July. The new remix features Leon Bridges and was actually the first version of it I had heard. It’s an excellent song about a couple stuck in a destructive relationship that neither one is willing to leave. There are some super harsh lyrics in it set to a beautiful melody. I love the contrast and the very real picture of this relationship painted in a short two and half minutes.


Then last week Khruangbin & Leon Bridges released a song called “Texas Sun”. It’s apparently the first of four songs off of a forthcoming EP due out in February that the two Texas based acts created while touring together last year. This song has the great vibe that I love in Leon Bridges’ songs. I look forward to hearing the rest of it.



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