New Music Friday: Take Me There by Delta Rae

Earlier this week I was debating which of the gloriously gloomy female indy rock songs featured on this week’s All Songs Considered I wanted to feature on the blog today. It was an embarrassment of riches if that type of music is your thing like it’s totally mine. You should just go listen to the episode because I wound up pivoting entirely when I found out that Delta Rae was dropping the first single off of their forthcoming album, The Light this morning.

Delta Rae brands themselves as the Great American Southern Gothic Male Female Soul Folk Pop Country Family Band. As such they’ve said they have a lot of problems with record labels because they want to pigeonhole artists into a genre so they can market them and Delta Rae didn’t like feeling like they had to be put in box and constrained in the type of music they were making to please their label. Thus they’re setting out on the indie label road again and they funded their next two albums The Darkness and The Light through Kickstarter (which I backed). They wound up getting fully funded in something like 48 hours so for the rest of the month they just kept adding on ridiculous stretch goals. I for sure know we’re getting a Holiday album, which was what I was most excited about. There’s also going to be an acoustic album and I think some music videos and even a live stage musical of some sort. I sort of lost track.

Unlike the aforementioned sad songs I was considering for this week, “Take Me There” is pretty much the opposite of that. It’s a super peppy song definitely more on the pop spectrum of their music. It’s a much better song for a Friday morning. Go listen and do a little dance.

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