Fall TV Diary: Returning Shows

Last week I wrote about the new shows I tried out this season. Now I thought I would give my thoughts on the returning shows I’m watching. Warning if you’re not caught up on these shows there are most likely spoilers included in some of them.

Grey’s Anatomy

I do still love Grey’s Anatomy, but good lord they are doing their best to make me hate Meredith this season. She completely deserves to be going to jail, but also I am uninterested in watching her be there. I wish they would just finish off this stupid plot. We all know she’s somehow going to manage to keep her medical license and get a job back somewhere because the Ellen Pompeo is contracted for at least one more season after this.

I also do not understand why everyone is pregnant. Amelia was just involved in a pregnancy storyline last season with Teddy and Owen, so at first I thought the actress was pregnant and they decided to write it in. That apparently is not the case and now that they’ve made Bailey pregnant I’m even more puzzled.

And finally I never watched Station 19 previously and if I ever have thoughts that I might want to they have now guaranteed that I never will with all this forced crossover crap to try and get the Grey’s audience to finally watch. At least they’ve decided to make most of the crossover stuff focused on Jackson because he is a character I have never cared for, so I can mostly just tune all that nonsense out.

Sorry For Your Loss

Sorry for Your Loss is a Facebook Watch show, which is now a little over halfway through its second season. New episodes drop every Tuesday. I adore this show. It stars Elizabeth Olsen as a woman whose husband died unexpectedly possibly by suicide although the circumstances mean it could have been accidental or intentional. Kelly Marie Tran plays her younger sister who is a recovering alcoholic. They’re both trying to navigate through their new lives amid the dysfunctional relationships they have with each other and their mother. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a show where the characters felt so realized and I cared so much about what happens to them. I don’t know anyone else who is watching this show, but you really should. Sadly, I’m guessing this will be the final season since Elizabeth Olsen is going to be starring in some MCU show surrounding her character the Scarlet Witch.


Legacies is spin-off of both The Vampire Diaries and its original spin-off The Originals. I bailed on The Originals pretty quickly, but I’m enjoying Legacies so far. I like how they’ve kind of reset all the pieces in a different way so far for the second season. It’s making for a lot of teen angst and we’ve already discussed how much I like teen angst. Plus Alexis Denisof has joined this season as the new headmaster, so it’s giving me some Buffy/Angel vibes too.

A Million Little Things

I’m still enjoying this highly unrealistic show. It definitely doesn’t come close to being a great character driven show like Friday Night Lights or Parenthood or even the aforementioned Sorry for Your Loss. However I do appreciate that they seem to have pivoted at least a little bit away from the stupid mystery aspect of the show they had going in season 1 that wound up being a big old nothingburger anyway. There’s still some unanswered questions left from that and some smaller secrets being created this season, but they seem more character based than some dumb mystery that’s supposed to keep us guessing. I just want to watch the characters and their relationships. That’s a lot of the reason I quit This Is Us. I didn’t care about any of the mystery stuff and I only really cared about one quarter of the characters.

The Good Place

We’re heading into the home stretch with The Good Place. It’s still an enjoyable comedy although I’ve never grown attached to the characters on this show as I did in the same way I did with say something like Friends or Mike Schur’s previous show Parks & Rec. It’s still a clever show and given the balancing act of keeping it’s high concept running I’m okay with it ending after this season.


I don’t have that much to say about these sit-coms either individually or collectively other than they are all still solid sitcoms that I enjoy watching every week.

The Deuce

David Simon has never done anything nearly as good as he created with The Wire and most likely never will, but I still appreciate his shows at least to some degree. The Deuce, which airs its final episode tonight was only hit and miss for me. I never cared nor do I even really know what was going on with the cop/politician part of the show. I couldn’t give a crap about the James Franco twins as I do not care about James Franco. I honestly don’t even really know all the mob reasons that one of them got killed. Realistically by the end the only story lines I was paying that close of attention to were Candy/Eileen’s and Lori’s. They were well worth watching even if I sort of tuned the rest of the show out especially in this final season.

Black Lightning/Supergirl

Speaking of tuning shows out there’s Black Lightning and Supergirl, which though I’m technically still watching I’m not really watching that much. I’m actually writing this up while watching Black Lightning and am not at all paying attention to it. I basically play on the internet or read a book at this point when my husband puts it on. I only have the vaguest idea of what is happening. I probably wouldn’t be able to tell you if you asked. I am only marginally paying closer attention to Supergirl at this point. In my previous tv post about the new shows this season I indicated that I often lose interest in superhero shows after the first season or two. We are definitely at that point with these shows.

All American

This is another show that I’m technically still watching but not paying much attention to. I don’t know why, but I’ve just never grown attached to any of the characters and I don’t really care what happens to any of them. This was the single show that the CW took their good sweet time waiting to renew for a second season, and I really thought they were going to cancel it. I was kind of happy because that way I wouldn’t have to worry about making a decision if I was going to keep watching. I apparently still am, but just barely. If it mysteriously went missing from my DVR I don’t think I’d miss it.


In the tale of other CW shows I was barely watching during their second season we have Riverdale. I did very much enjoy its first season, but I quickly became bored of it in the second season, particularly in the second half of the season. I had already decided I wasn’t going to watch this season, but I had to watch the first episode because it was the Luke Perry tribute episode. I promptly deleted it from DVR after that.

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