New Music Friday: Happy Birthday, Baby by Hiss Golden Messenger

I wrote about “I Need a Teacher” the first single from Hiss Golden Messenger’s new album Terms of Surrender a few months ago. The album was released last Friday, and since I haven’t come up with anything else to write about today, I’m going to share another song from it that I love. This song isn’t particularly new to me. I first heard “Happy Birthday, Baby” at the 2018 Newport Folk Festival when they played it in the Late July Family Tent. M.C. Taylor talked about how he had written a song for his firstborn son when he was little and now that he had a daughter she hated when he played that song because like true siblings she was jealous that she didn’t have a song. So he wrote this song for her on her fifth birthday. So now she has a song too. It’s very sweet. If you like me are a sucker for the whole chill Southern rock vibe that Hiss Golden Messenger is great at the whole album is really wonderful. Go have a listen.

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