New Music Friday: If She Ever Leaves Me by The Highwomen

I thought about not writing about yet another song by The Highwomen today I really did. I even picked out “Love is Love” by Grace Potter, but although I really like the way that song sounds the more I think about it the more annoyed I am that she kind of co-opted a phrase from the gay rights movement to sing about cheating on her husband. So instead I’m bestowing upon you a gay country song instead. It’s only right because after all it is The Highwomen’s album release date, and not only that but I’m also going to see Brandi Carlile in concert tonight (with the legendary Mavis Staples!).

So here you go. Enjoy “If She Ever Leaves Me”, which they termed the world’s first gay country song. It was written by Amanda Shires and Jason Isbell and is sung by Brandi Carlile. Listen to what Jason had to say during their set at the Newport Folk Festival about writing the song. It amused me greatly and still does so I’m sharing it. Then go listen to the official audio of the song and the whole album while you’re at it. I promise it’s the last The Highwomen song I’m going to share for New Music Friday unless they ever come out with another album.

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