New Music Friday: Look Away by Stephen Puth and Fighter by Joseph

2019 continues to throw more new music at me that I can handle. So I have two new songs for you this week. First up I have “Look Away” by Stephen Puth. Until this week when I heard him doing a breakdown of this song on the podcast Switched on Pop, I didn’t even know Stephen Puth existed. I know and enjoy music by his older brother Charlie Puth. I didn’t know the Puth family had multiple singers in it. It’s a pop song that very much sounds of this era of pop songs, but I like it. Like Marshemello (ft. Bastille)’s “Happier” this song sets the sad lyrics about a relationship falling apart to a somewhat jaunty pop melody. I always appreciate the juxtaposition of lyrics and music whose tones don’t match.


I also have a new song by the band Joseph for you. I’ve written about them numerous times here before, but in case you’re not familiar they are a band composed of three sisters. Apparently as is often the case with bands even those composed of family members, they reached a point where there was too much discord and they almost disbanded the band. This song, “Fighter”, is their response to their decision to try and fight for the band and stay together. As usual it features some beautiful sisterly harmonies. I’m glad they’ll be sticking around.

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