New Music Friday: Head Over Heels by Runaway June

This week I have some country music for you, by ladies no less. I like country music, but it also makes me insanely mad with how awful it is to women artists. It’s crazy how it’s gotten worse instead of better. The 90s were full of women artists topping the country charts. Now you’re lucky if you hear a song sung by a woman once every three hours on country radio.

My old school clock radio (no exaggeration there as I’ve owned it since I was 8 years old) is set to wake me up to Baltimore’s country radio station. Generally the first thing I hear after I wake up is a segment on Nashville News. It drives me crazy how they will talk about women artists and then never, ever play them. Runaway June is one of them. Since I only listen to maybe 30 minutes of the station a day I even looked back through their playlists to confirm that I just wasn’t missing it. At least in the couple days worth of songs I looked through Runaway June didn’t appear once and the number of songs by women was paltry. It really makes me want to throw things.

Anyway, I first became familiar with Runaway June a couple of years ago when we took a trip to Nashville and they played at the Grand Ole Opry the night we were there. It surprises me that it took them this long to finally release a full length album. I’ve been enjoying it, and chose the song “Head Over Heels” to share here today because I like the word play. That’s something I think country music does really well. I’ve been particularly enjoying the word play in Morgan Wallen’s “Whiskey Glasses” recently as well. It’s good to know that there are still some excellent female country artists out there even if the country music machine is misogynistic garbage and refuses to play them.

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