New Music Friday: Wedding Bell Blues by Morrissey

In a complete twist for New Music Friday today I’m talking about a song I don’t actually recommend that you listen to. My friends Lindsey and Andrew are getting married today which had me thinking about wedding themed music earlier this week which led to me getting the song “Wedding Bell Blues” stuck in my head. It’s not actually a song anyone would play at a wedding (except Richard Gilmore I guess) because it’s about a woman whose boyfriend won’t propose to her, but because it’s wedding related it popped into my brain.

I adore the original version by the Fifth Dimension as well as the scene in Gilmore Girls alluded to above. The episode appropriately titled “Wedding Bell Blues” is one of my favorites of the whole series and I think this song has something to do with it. I went Googling to listen to it whereupon I discovered this new Morrissey version of it from an upcoming covers album he’s releasing. Big confession here guys, I have never liked Morrissey or The Smiths as a general rule though there are a few songs I enjoy. Morrissey as a human seems pretty terrible so I’m okay with that, but I feel like it probably takes away some of my music cred in certain circles. If I’m looking for some moody, broody Brit pop I’ll take The Cure any day. But I digress.

This insipid cover is the worst kind of cover song. It adds nothing to the original. Other than changing up the female vocalist for a male vocalist it’s a pretty straightforward cover, but somehow worse. The instrumentation both sounds exactly the like original but more annoying with whatever they are using to create it. The song also features Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day, which gives it another ding in my book. So look don’t listen to this song at all. It’s just a way for me to cheat my New Music Friday post to talk about how much I love the original Fifth Dimension version of “Wedding Bell Blues”. Do go listen to that.

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