The Bold Type is Still the Best Show You’re Not Watching

I’ve written about my love of the television show The Bold Type before. It returned on Freeform last night for its third season. It’s a miracle it’s gotten this far. I’m pretty sure I am the only one in America watching this show. I never hear anyone else talk about it, and I know it barely came back after the first season because its ratings weren’t great. Somehow after months and months of waiting to hear whether it would be renewed Freeform announced it would be back with new show runners for two more seasons. This is the second of those two seasons, so I’m fully prepared for this to be the final season of the show. I’m still going to be very sad when it’s gone though.

I still adore the show for all the same reasons I’ve said in the past. I love the friendship between the three leads. I also love that their boss is a mentor and not the stereotypical tv/movie Devil Wears Prada type fashion magazine boss. Their relationships are fun, and the show confronts real issues. Last year it started to lean a little too far into PSA territory, but so far this season seems to be a little less heavy handed. The stories of course are not all that realistic because it’s tv, but I really enjoy spending an hour with these characters every week.

I don’t have Hulu, but according to Google that’s where the first two seasons of this show are streaming. I highly recommend watching them and then getting on this third season. I promise that if you like character dramas The Bold Type is the best show you’re not watching.

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